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Flying Feathers Owner: Bruce Lilienkamp

You will enjoy hunting with Bruce. He has years of hunting experience. As Bruce says, “When I started hunting with my Dad and uncles, I was the bird dog.” Well, at least he got a lot of retrieves! Maybe that’s why Bruce enjoys the excellent dog work that you’ll see at Flying Feathers.

As the story in the lodge goes, occasionally he has been known to point a few birds in the field even now. You’ll find that his pleasant disposition and love for game bird hunting will make each outing a new and exciting experience. When hunting with Bruce at Flying Feathers, you will probably find yourself shooting behind one of these amazing gundogs.

Bruce Lilienkamp of Flying Feathers Game Bird Hunting in MO

Flying Feathers Guide: Jerry

Jerry also guides at Flying Feathers. He has a long hunting background which includes gamebird hunting, deer, elk, moose and wild hog hunts. He is an excellent marksman with a gun or bow. You’ll find him very knowledgeable, as well as entertaining to be around. With Jerry as your guide, there will never be a dull moment. His English Setters and German Shorthairs are sure to find birds and make a quick retrieve.

Jerry of Flying Feathers Game Bird Hunting in MO
Marcia, Bruce, Chad and Jerry
Marcia, Bruce, Chad and Jerry